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November - 2017

I had asked prayers for my friend for her exam, she has passed the exam successfully,and for an another friend to get a job, she is now working in Dubai. Thank you for the prayer support Father.

[ANNS , 11/16/2017]

My heavenly Father has helped me score 91% in my first term examinations and I thank my Lord with all my might and soul for such a blessing  Praise be the glorious name of Jesus.

[Shan Rajesh T , 11/15/2017]

Thank you Lord!  I requested prayers  for having a baby.  I am now pregnant. Thank you for your prayers Father Jose.

[Sibin S , 11/13/2017]

Thank you Lord!   Thank you Father for your prayers I passed my exams and papers and am now studying for my MBA

[tintu t , 11/11/2017]

I would like to testify the amazing grace of Jesus By the grace of God we have been able to move into our new house Thanking God for all the wonderful things he has done in our life and giving us more than what we deserve. Thank you Father Jose for your prayers

[Babilu D , 11/08/2017]

I had a special pray request for my husband.  My prayer was answered .  Thank you Lord!  Thank you Father for our prayers

[Rinu.j , 11/02/2017]

Husband got a job. Thank you for the prayers. Praise the Lord.

[Bijimol D , 10/31/2017]

My fractured ankle was healed my pinkie toe which had turned 90 degress outward was also healed  Praise God Thank you Lord!

[Suanna G , 10/31/2017]

My prayer request has been answered by the Lord. I passed my SET (State Eligibility Test) and I have registered for Ph.D. Praise the Lord. God is Good

[John M , 10/30/2017]

I requested prayers that I be able to find a full-time position. Father Jose said he would pray for me. The good Lord blessed me in so many ways. I started in a part-time position that offered full-time benefits. This job is located so close to where I live. In 7 months, I was asked to fill a full-time position by the same employer! My benefits are really good and now the code of my monthly premiums decreased because I will soon begin my full-time position. This employer offers benefits that will help me greatly and I am so grateful for the Lord's great hand on this. Father Jose, thank you so much for your continued intercessory prayers in regard to my job search and well being. Your ministry and you are a blessing! With GRATITUDE, Marcia

[Marcia , 10/20/2017]
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