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September - 2017

Thank God for family peace

[Laiju V , 09/19/2017]

Jesus has blessed me with the Blessing of my marriage . I am able to pray, love & understand the true light of God. I am also able to make attempts to bring people whom i know to Faith.

[Merley J , 09/18/2017]

My prayer request has been answered.My husband and me have lot of family issues .After my prayer request everything solved,Thank you you

[Rinu J , 09/15/2017]

Thank you Jesus for giving me a dialysis technician job. I didn't have a job for 4 1/2 months. I had sent prayer requests to Fr. Jose for getting me dialysis technician job. God gave me dialysis technician job. I got the offer letter. Thank you Father Jose for your prayers for getting me dialysis technician job.

[viji , 08/24/2017]

My prayer request has been answered!  I was seperated from my wife and children due to family discord, but after the prayer  request and Father Jose prayers of intercession,  I am living together with my wife and children hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah All praise and glory to God.

[MATHEWS K V , 08/19/2017]

God heard my prayer and gifted me a baby boy.

[Joemon , 08/16/2017]

I was trying to bring my child from India to was delayed due to visa problems...I asked Fr. Jose to pray for this intention. All problems were resolved and now me,my husband and my child are able to live together .thank you Father for your prayers of intercession.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayers!

[sanu , 08/15/2017]

Thank you for your prayers Father My daughter was baptised!  at the age of  two and half it had been delayed because of some problems that were resolved due to your prayers Praise be to God! and thank you Lord!

[sanu , 08/15/2017]

I requested prayer for my upcoming marriage.....2 weeks before my marriage the problems were corrected. Thanks be  to the Lord and Father Jose for his prayers

[josia j , 08/11/2017]

Thank You Father in heaven for all your blessings. I was healed of many ailments.

[Werner , 08/10/2017]
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