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June - 2018

I submitted a prayer request for healing for husband  His afib normalized withhout medication and the angiogram result was good He did not  need any procedures to be performed. Thank you so much for your prayers Father Jose.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.

[Moira V , 06/18/2018]

Thank you Jesus for getting me a job I had requested a prayer for this and I was blessed

[PHIJO , 06/11/2018]

Jesus blessed my dad and gave back his job.Thank you Jesus for hearing me and thank you Father for your prayers

[jerlin , 06/08/2018]

Thank you father for your blessings. I have passed my exam and reviewer role interview.

[Karen JP , 06/08/2018]

Thank you father...for praying for me and my family...Jesus healed me from pancreatitis...with out any treatment or medicine.praise the lord

[Thomas , 06/06/2018]

I  requested a pray for my son to pass 12th exam. Jesus blessed him and he passed. Thank you Father for your prayers. All glory to the most high God!

[Shiji D , 06/02/2018]

I thank God  and  Jesus for answering my prayers .My husbands visa got approved yesterday which was rejected three times This time we got it. .Thank you Father Jose for praying for us..”Praise the lord”

[Pinky , 05/26/2018]

I asked for prayers for my wife's safe delivery and healthy baby . She had a safe delivery and our baby boy   "Emmanuel"  is healty and both wife and baby doing fine Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and thank you Father for your prayers

[jinson , 05/25/2018]

Thank you Jesus I received a good rank in Mba

[Sonia , 05/24/2018]

I thank and praise God I’m able to go to church during the week, and my husband’s healing of his high cholesterol, tryglyceride are within normal range. Thank Father Jose for your prayers. God bless you Father Jose.

[Hilda A , 05/21/2018]

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