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August - 2018

Thank you lord for blessing us with Visa

[Innez , 08/10/2018]

I thank and praise my loving Lord Jesus who gave me amazing marks this time in my board exams , blessed be his HOLY name now and forever AMEN.

[Shan R , 08/08/2018]

I asked for prayers to get my visa without any delay. I received my visa . Thank you Father for the prayers. Glory to God.

[Anns Maria K , 08/07/2018]

My daughter and her husband conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy after 7 years of infertility. Praise God through the intercessory healing prayers of Fr Jose!

[Teresa T , 07/31/2018]

My father got his job back ...thank you Jesus .....thank you Father for praying for us

[Jerlin , 07/31/2018]

My prayer request for granted. Thank you God!  I got loan from bank. Thank you Father for your prayers

[Treesa j , 07/25/2018]

I had been suffering with severe Vertigo. Treatments from doctors were not helping.  Through God's mercy I have been healed.   Praise the Lord. Alleluia.

[Prince , 07/24/2018]

With God's grace and blessings I passed my IELTS exam with high score and also my husband passed his semester exam with good marks. Thank you God and Father for your prayers

[Innez , 07/14/2018]

Thank you Fr. Jose for your prayers, We were driving to hospital 40 minutes away for my brother with eye pain...and he actually said the deep pain was gone..He no longer felt the deep pain in his right eye. He is also able to sleep and even slept in the car....Deo Gratias!!!

[Shawn F , 07/13/2018]

I would like to praise and thank God almighty that my endoscopy and laparoscopy was completed successfully without any issues.

[Rebecca , 06/30/2018]

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