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April - 2018

I have asked payer for getting admission for CAP in New Zealand. By God's grace I got admission for the month of August. Thank you father for the prayers, All glory to the most high God .

[ANNS MARIA K , 04/19/2018]

Thank you Lord ...for prayers answered My Aunt's angiogram result was negative...

[Daisy , 04/11/2018]

Thank you Fr. Jose  for your prayers.  I got the job I had applied for .

[PRIJI J , 04/08/2018]

I requested a prayer for my brother to get a job. By God's grace he got the job.Thank Jesus for hearing my prayer.

[Anupama , 04/07/2018]

I submitted a prayer request for my brother to get a good job.  By God's grace  he obtained  a job Thank you Jesus! and thank you Lord for answering my prayers

[Biby A , 03/26/2018]

My prayers were answered and being unemployed for a year I found a job!  my son is no longer crying at night or having bad dreams  Thank you Jesus. Praise the lord. Thank you father for your prayers.

[Michael J , 03/25/2018]

my prayer request healing of alcoholism for my Father and healing for peace of mind have been answered by GOD and Our Lord Jesus.  Thank you God and thank you Our Lord Jesus

[vipin , 03/20/2018]

I placed an online prayer request for getting a job in Ireland. My prayer was answered by my loving God and my saviour Jesus. Thank you Lord for giving me a good Job and hope in my life.

[Aby J , 03/11/2018]

Jesus has helped me score 92 percent in my model exam . I thank and praise my God for such an amazing grace

[Shan Rajesh T , 02/04/2018]

Your prayers for our son Brandon to remain at the University were answered. He gets to stay at the university and continue his studies.Thank you  for all your prayers.  Thank God for answering our prayers

[Brian V , 01/30/2018]
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