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Prayer Requests continue to be taken and Father will pray for them.  When the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass. 

pray for me to get a good job in IT field in Perth as soon as possible

[Innez , 08/10/2018]

My son will have a sonogram pray all test come back negative and no medical procedures are needed and he gets a good report. Pray my granddaughter Emalyn is healed of peanut, egg and all allergies. pray my son is healed of alcoholism, drug addiction  pray my daughter and her husband get their marriage blessed in the church and raise their children Catholic.  pray my son and his girlfriend move back to Arkansas and are blessed with good jobs and a nice home pray my son and my relationship is healed.  pray for conversion of  household  Daniel, Dante, Deanna, Victoria, CJ, Paige, Emalyn, Stephanie, Lillian, Robert, my mom and myself.  pray they all grow closer to the Lord

[Deonna T , 08/10/2018]

Pray for healing of depression, stress and anxiety for my kids and myself and also healing of constipation for my son and healing of high blood pressure for myself too. Thank you very much.

[KAREN , 08/09/2018]


Pray for me to find a way to repay my debts pray for me to be healed in body mind and soul

[S D P , 08/09/2018]

pray for me to resolve the financial problems & good health for my family pray our business will do better so we can pay our debts.

[antony , 08/09/2018]

Pray I will be healed of a tumor that is effecting my blood work and problems with immune system that is causing rashes, allergies to medication, chronic sinusitis,asthma,hearing. Pray I follow God's will for my life

[aed , 08/09/2018]

pray for my family healing in body mind and soul pray for a stronger faith with our Lord and generational healing of our family trees

[joseph g , 08/09/2018]

pray for me to get good marks in law, ethics and communication paper

[ALEENA T J , 08/09/2018]

pray for my nephew Anthony admitted to the hospital due to high blood pressure and a brain hemorrhage Thank you

[augustine G , 08/09/2018]

pray for sale our  land for best price so we can  repay our loans.  pray for our mother In law fast recovery heart problem .

[E R , 08/08/2018]

Eucharistic Healing Ministry

Time and date for the next Eucharistic Healing Ministry in Jacksonville, Florida will be posted when it is scheduled

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