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Review Prayer Request

Prayer Requests continue to be taken and Father will pray for them.  When the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass. 

Pray for me to be healed and restored to good health my ears are swollen especially my left ear. I had a swollen throat/ tongue earlier and have a terrible itch inside my throat. 

[Susanna G , 11/17/2017]

pray for me to build a house.pray for my father davis 's soul

[sumi b , 11/17/2017]

married 5 and half years no children .pray for me to have children

[ginu b , 11/17/2017]

for all my intentions for healing of family trees and all family members for healing

[dex c , 11/17/2017]

Please pray for my family that is broken. Especially pray for my 15 year old daughter, Olivia, who has been struggling with depression and  anxiety and other serious problems pray she will make some good friends

[Kristin S , 11/17/2017]

Heal me from my mental illness,to truly love my future wife and help me to take responsibilities and carry my life cross with you.  .

[Ayeshan P , 11/17/2017]

pray for Solorzano Family and my special intention for my wife Thank you.

[Javier S , 11/17/2017]

 Pray for my special intention

[Sarah , 11/16/2017]

Pray for  Rachael to be healed of her injuries and be restored to good health  She's is  not fully conscious. She's had brain surgery to relieve swelling. They cannot remove the trachiotomy yet because of infections.

[Jenipher S , 11/16/2017]

Sister's surgery to go well. Overall healing for her.

[Martin , 11/16/2017]
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