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Review Prayer Request

Prayer Requests continue to be taken and Father will pray for them.  When the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass. 

My Brother Mathew is suffering from Bi-polar disorder pray for him to be healed and for our family

[G George , 02/12/2018]

pray for the heart of Jessica hall to be healed. Pray for her 2 little girls

[Hope , 02/12/2018]

Pray for peace in my work place while I try to find another job.  Pray the interviews I will be having will result in me obtaining a new job pray I overcome my nerves and do well in the interviews

[Josph Z , 02/12/2018]

I am trying to start a business, I request your prayers for it to be successful, and my Son to come back into our prayer life as he is not interested in joining in Family prayers as well is irregular attendance to Church.

[Stanley , 02/12/2018]

For my daughter Eva who is away at college pray she finds safe housing and people to lead her back to Christ presence in her life. conversion for husband and all 4 of our grown children. Our oldest son suffer depression and has not been able to work. May Christ touch and heal them

[Toni , 02/12/2018]

heal me of my lust and ponograhic addiction. pray for generational healing of family trees Pray for me to be healed in body mind and soul. Pray for my other intentions

[Paul S , 02/12/2018]

For my grandson he has surgery on his ankle soon Pray it will be sucessful thank you

[Mary S , 02/12/2018]

pray for me and my family.  pray for me and my mom dad for there to be peace and love between us.  Change my attitude so I can be more loving to my parents. Pray for me to be healed of my fears.  Pray for me and my husband to find a way to resolve our finance situation

[Marian L , 02/12/2018]

Pray for me to be healed in body mind and soul. Pray for marriage to be happy once again. Pray for my daughter who will be receiving her first holy communion. Pray for my other special intentions

[Shirley G , 02/12/2018]


pray for my special intentions

[beb g , 02/12/2018]
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