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Review Prayer Request

Prayer Requests continue to be taken and Father will pray for them.  When the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass. 

Pray for peace in my work place and peace with my co workers. Thank You!

[Debra S , 09/22/2017]

pray for me I am a Diabetic pray for my upcoming tests to be normal thank you

[June P F , 09/22/2017]

I had undergone an accidental retina dislocation operation for my right eye the operation was successful, but sometimes I feel blurry on the same eye.  pray my retina will be healed I regain  proper eyesight.

[Porphy m F , 09/22/2017]

pray for my daughter's admission and for generational healing of my family trees

[Geo , 09/22/2017]

pray for healing from cancer for my sister-in-law, Ernestina, who has stage 4 cancer. pray she will return to her Catholic faith before she dies. She left the church and became a Jehovah Witness.

[Florentino J T , 09/22/2017]

My granddaughter, Aaliyah is beginning to show signs of autism  and is severely overweight. Please pray for her healing.

[Florentino J T , 09/22/2017]

My grandson Anthony has been diagnosed with autism. pray for healing for him and pray that his parents, my son Tino, Jr. and his wife, Juli will seek God for wisdom and peace in their family

[Florentino J T , 09/22/2017]

Pray for My grandson, Ty Patrick Pray he will be healed of his medical issues pray God will heal him  so  he can live a normal and full life.  pray for his mother, Jeanette that she will not become bitter because she feels her prayers are not being answered.

[Florentino J T , 09/22/2017]

I had a major heart attack in 2001 and have struggled to get my heart healthy. At this time my heart is only working 39%. Please pray for a total healing of my heart.

[Florentino J T , 09/22/2017]

pray for my mother that the mass they find in her breast is not cancerous. pray for her to be healed. Pray for me and my family. Thank you Father Jose.

[Jessica , 09/22/2017]
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