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Review Prayer Request

Prayer Requests continue to be taken and Father will pray for them.  When the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass. 

Pray my up coming back surgery will go well and pray I am healed of my depression and fear

[WINNIE A , 04/12/2018]

pray for my marriage, we are having a difficult time in our marriage

[ana cristina t , 04/12/2018]

pray to heal Charmaine

[charmiane a , 04/12/2018]

I have chronic migraine headaches and I have Lyme disease.  Pray I will be healed and restored to good health Thank you for your prayers

[Richard S , 04/12/2018]

That God guide me in my life may I follow His will for my life Healing for my feet & healing for my husband's shoulder.

[Angela , 04/12/2018]

pray for my son Michael, 15 years old to stop sleep walking and wetting bed.  heal him and restore his mental health. pray for  my husband mental and medical issues.

[Izabela , 04/12/2018]

pray for my husband Andres to be healed from addiction to drugs, health issues and may he come back to his faith and the church .

[Iza , 04/12/2018]

pray for Father Michael He suffered a brain bleed  while saying Mass and is on life support and not expected to live.  Thank you for your prayers

[Helen B , 04/12/2018]

pray for my sister in law Christina she lost her vision thank you

[Esteban g , 04/12/2018]

Pray my son Raphael be cured of addiction to drink and drugs

[Noreen , 04/11/2018]
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