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Prayer Requests will continue to be taken and Father will pray for them and when the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass.

I am preparing for IELTS exam. Please pray for me to pass that exam

[Rinu J , 07/23/2017]

My husband is addicted to porn  Pray he will be healed from this addiction Pray we will be able to purchase a home Pray for our marriage  Pray he will be healed in body mind and soul Pray he returns to the church and his faith

[Rinu J , 07/23/2017]

Pray for me to resolve my financial probelms and be healed of diabetic problem

[biju , 07/23/2017]

I am suffering with Sleep Apnea ,High Blood Preasure and Fatyy Liver  pray for me to be healed

[STEPHEN T , 07/23/2017]


Pray for my many many  special intentions

[STEPHEN T , 07/23/2017]

pray for me and my family. pray I resolve my financial problems.

[Jolly J , 07/22/2017]

pray for my son who has Autistic Disorder.

[Steve F , 07/22/2017]

pray for my son, Sean who has Autistic Disorder. He doesn't have any friends. He has high levels of anxiety therefore stunting his ability to socialize. He struggles with many aspects of Autism.

[Steve F , 07/22/2017]


Pray for my marraige

[Rinu J , 07/22/2017]


Healing from Cancer

[Floreza E , 07/22/2017]
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