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Prayer Requests will continue to be taken and Father will pray for them and when the next Eucharistic Healing Mass is held they will be printed off and placed on the altar during the Mass.


Pray for my special intentions

[Rosalie S , 06/18/2017]

My son Emil, 28 years old has eczema on the  inner side of his left foot with hard and black skin. He has itchiness and hives all over his body  pray he will be healed and restored to good health

[Sally J , 06/17/2017]

pray for healing in body mind and soul pray for my parents and brothers and for me to get a good job

[Advent A , 06/17/2017]

I am planning for my higher studies from Canada for the course of Business analyst. pray for me as I am scared regarding the course as to how it would be, my staying there and Job opportunity. pray I make the right decision in my life and for my future

[Paul A , 06/17/2017]

pray for  my Mom Ludmila 61years, healing from cancer

[L , 06/17/2017]

pray for my sister mary and her family to receive their visa they have been waiting two years thank you  very much for your prayers

[ani , 06/17/2017]

Pray I am able to find a job as a  dialysis technician quickly

[viji , 06/17/2017]

Pray for my brother Abin pray he will be released from jail and this matter be resolved in his favor

[Libin T , 06/17/2017]

pray for My Mom`s health, stability in my job, my performance, my relantionship with Gerald, his conversion, my country, salvation of souls, purgatory souls, dying people, my sisters`conversion, my studies

[vivi , 06/16/2017]

pray for me to find a permanent job. Pray for my family

[sibin A , 06/16/2017]
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